About LearnMOS

LearnMOS is a revolutionary program of online courses and innovative practice tests focused on the main Office 2016 applications, with the objective of training the user in the skills specified within the Microsoft Office Specialist program.

Our elearning courses and practice tests are based on a clear and intuitive methodology designed specifically to achieve control, efficiency and agility through the use of Office 2016. Review the Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives here.
Learning Solution

This learning solution is available as an elearning course or as a LITA (Live in te app) practice test.

LearnMOS is intended for:

Companies and public institutions that in the pursuit of control, have decided to incorporate Microsoft Office 2016 into their daily work routines, training their employees to reach full productivity.
Educational organizations that have chosen to use Office 2016 as part of their academic training, equipping students with the necessary knowledge to make an efficient use of the application.
Users looking for a competitive advantage when entering the employment market, to stand out during a recruitment process by demonstrating their agility or to improve their Office 2016 skills.

All the benefits described above share a common factor: productivity by using Office 2016.

Elearning course phases

Through a preliminary test, the system determines both the user’s existing and missing knowledge, indicating subject areas that need reinforcement.


The content includes theory, interactive items with detailed explanations and live in the app exercises, which can be customized to fit the user’s needs.


Allows the user to choose between two ways of testing knowledge: practice mode or certification mode. The latter, simulates the real exam so that the user can get a taste of the certification exam experience.

Benchmark assessment

Companies interested in assessing candidates’ skills as part of the recruitment process or evaluating their current employees’ skills will be able to do so by using our practice tests independently.

A Media Interactiva product

LearnMOS has been created by Media Interactiva, leader in educational software and instructional design for digital skills certifications from Spain.

Founded in 2011, Media Interactiva provides its services to major clients such as Microsoft, the United States Department of Defense, Pearson, Adobe and Autodesk. In addition, many of its products, including LearnMOS, are available to anyone interested in getting trained or officially certified.