PowerPoint 2016 Spanish Practice Test

Mode: Practice Test

Language: Spanish

Practice Test will prepare you to pass the MOS 2016 PowerPoint certification exam. By completing the tasks you will improve your practical skills in creating and managing presentations, inserting and formatting text, shapes, and images, inserting tables, charts, SmartArt and Media, applying transitions and animations, and managing multiple presentations.

These same tasks will help you understand the objectives and competencies tested on the Microsoft 77-729 certification exam.

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System Requirements

To run this course, your computer must meet the following system requirements:

1. Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system installed

2. Microsoft Office 2016 with a valid license (Get here) in any of these desktop versions:

For end users: Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, Office Home Student 2016 for PC.
For business: Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium.
*You cannot use Exchange Online and Enterprise E1 (for end user) plans and Office 365 Business Essential because they do not support the Office apps installation.

3. Internet connection (Internet Explorer 10+, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers)

4. Adobe Reader or similar

5. .NET 3.5 or later

General Objective

Achieve knowledge and fundamental skills on the optimal management of PowerPoint 2016 and successfully pass the Microsoft® Office Specialist certification exam.

Exam Objective

Create and Manage Presentations.

  • 1. Create a Presentation.
  • 2. Insert and Format Slides.
  • 3. Modify Slides, Handout, and Notes.
  • 4. Order and Group Slides.
  • 5. Change Presentation Options and Views.
  • 6. Configure a Presentation for Print.
  • 7. Configure and Present a Slide Show.

Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images.

  • 1. Insert and Format Text.
  • 2. Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes.
  • 3. Insert and Format Images.
  • 4. Order and Group Objects.

Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, and Media.

  • 1. Insert and Format Tables.
  • 2. Insert and Format Charts.
  • 3. Insert and Format SmartArt graphics.
  • 4. Insert and Manage Media.

Apply Transitions and Animations.

  • 1. Apply Slide Content.
  • 2. Animate Slide Content.
  • 3. Set Timing for Transitions and Animations.

Manage Multiple Presentations.

  • 1. Merge Content from Multiple Presentations.
  • 2. Finalize Presentations.

Module 1. Create and Manage Presentations.
Create a Presentation.

        Create a new presentation.
        Create a presentation based on a template.
        Import Word document outlines.

Insert and Format Slides.

        Insert specific slide layouts.
        Duplicate existing slides.
        Hide and unhide slides.
        Delete slides.
        Apply a different slide layout.
        Modify individual slide background.
        Insert slide headers, footers, and page numbers.

Modify Slides, Handouts, and Notes.

        Change the slide master theme or background.
        Modify slide master content.
        Create a slide layout.
        Modify a slide layout.
        Modify the handout master.
        Modify the notes master.

Order and Group Slides.

        Create sections.
        Modify slide order.
        Rename sections.

Change Presentation Options and Views.

        Change slide size.
        Change views of a presentations.
        Set file properties.

Configure a Presentation for Print.

        Print all or part of a presentation.
        Print notes pages.
        Print handouts.
        Print in color, grayscale, or black and white.

Configure and Present a Slide Show.

        Create custom slide shows.
        Configure slide show options.
        Rehearse slide show timing.
        Present a slide show by using Presenter View.

Module 2. Insert and Format Text, Shapes, and Images.
Insert and Format Text.

        Insert text on a slide.
        Apply formatting and styles to text.
        Apply WordArt styles to text.
        Format text in multiple columns.
        Create bulleted and numbered lists.
        Insert hyperlinks.

Insert and Format Shapes and Text Boxes.

        Insert or replace shapes.
        Insert text boxes.
        Resize shapes and text boxes.
        Format shapes and text boxes.
        Apply styles to shapes and text boxes.

Insert and Format Images.

        Insert images.
        Resize and crop images.
        Apply styles and effects.

Order and Group Objects.

        Order objects.
        Align Objects.
        Group Objects.
        Display alignment tools.

Module 3. Insert Tables, Charts, SmartArt, and Media.
Insert and Format Tables.

        Create a table.
        Insert and delete table rows and columns.
        Apply table styles.
        Import a table.

Insert and Format Charts.

        Create a chart.
        Import a chart.
        Change the Chart Type.
        Add a legend to a chart.
        Change the chart style of a chart.

Insert and Format SmartArt graphics.

        Create SmartArt graphics.
        Convert lists to SmartArt graphics.
        Add shapes to SmartArt graphics.
        Reorder shapes in SmartArt graphics.
        Change the color of SmartArt graphics.

Insert and Manage Media.

        Insert audio and video clips.
        Configure media playback options.
        Adjust media window size.
        Set the video start and stop time.
        Set media timing options.

Module 4. Apply Transitions and Animations.
Apply Slide Transitions.

        Insert slide transitions.
        Set transition effect options.

Animate Slide Content.

        Apply animations to objects.
        Apply animations to text.
        Set animation effect options.
        Set animation paths.

Set Timing for Transitions and Animations.

        Set transition effect duration.
        Configure transition start and finish options.
        Reorder animations on a slide.

Module 5. Manage Multiple Presentations.
Merge Content from Multiple Presentations.

        Insert slides from another presentation.
        Compare two presentations.
        Insert comments.
        Review comments.

Finalize Presentations.

        Protect a presentation.
        Inspect a presentation.
        Proof a presentation.
        Preserve presentation content.
        Export presentations to other formats.